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Do you own an unwanted house and need to sell now? We work with good folks like you, all types of situations and we can provide a solution for you too. We are not realtors or brokers, so there are no fees. We are a real estate business and we are ready to buy your house today.

We specialize in properties that need work ranging from cosmetic repairs to complete renovation. We buy houses 'as is' so you will not have any extra bills to pay. When you deal with us there is no lengthy inspection process. Just give us the address of the property that you want to sell and we can give you a preliminary offer within a week.

We will make every effort to help find a solution for any real estate challenge. We are aware that every customer is unique, so we take the time to custom tailor a win-win scenario based on each client's special and unique requirements. Please go to the 'Sell Now' link and complete the questionaire or give us a call to tell us the particulars about your property so we can start tailoring a custom solution for you.

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We buy houses throughout Connecticut in any price range, and in any condition.The primary focus of our business is the purchase and resale of residential real estate.

We understand that homeowners can find themshelves in possession of a property they need to sell but may not have the finances or the desire to renovate it. Since we purchase houses in need of repair this creates an oppurtunity for homeowners to sell real estate that would be difficult if not impossible to sell to the average home buyer.

No matter what reason you have for selling, no matter what condition the property is in, and no matter when you would like to close, we can offer a fast solution.

How We Can Help

Call us or go to the 'Sell Now' button on this page and fill out an online form. After an initial assessment of the property's value we will make a preliminary offer. If you decide to move forward we will meet with you to inspect the property.

Any preliminary offer is subject to change after the inspection of the property. When we come to an agreement on a final price we will present a written offer. If you accept the terms we can complete the sale.

The sooner you tell us about your property, the sooner you can be relieved of any stress it might be creating for you. If you're ready to sell a house let us tell you how we can help. We look forward to working with you.


Since every house and personal situation is different, we carefully evaluate the details then provide one or more solutions for you to choose from. Please go to the 'Sell Now " button fill to out and submit our short questionnaire so that we can evaluate your situation immediately.

* We can stop foreclosure
* We can make up back payments
* We can take over your payment and relieve you of the stress
* We can pay cash for your property
* We buy as-is so you won't need to do any repairs
* We buy in any price range in any area

We Can Buy Your House Fast!

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When you deal with us, we handle all of the paperwork. We skip over the usual inspections and snags, so we can close at a mutually agreeable time. Plus, we have our funding lined up and ready to go before we even discuss your house. We are professionals and know how to navigate the transaction process with the least amount of hassle or time wasted.

If you think we can help you, Click the "Sell Now" button below, thoroughly fill out the following form, and submit it to us promptly. The sooner you get us the details, the sooner we can help.

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This free report will provide you with ideas and information that can help you decide how to move forward with the sale of your property. Just fill out the form and we will send it to your inbox.

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Thank you for your interest in Connecticut Wholesale Real Estate. Please feel free to contact us using the form below or call us at (860) 248-2027

If you have a house that you need to sell go directly to 'Sell Now' and submit the details.This is the fastest way to get started on the sale of your house.

We are always searching for deals throughout Connecticut. Visit: to join our buyers list and we will contact you when properties are available.