We Buy In Any Condition

What We Do

We buy, renovate and sell houses. We look for houses that may need minor repairs to complete renovation. We buy houses that are not attractive to the average buyer. 

Our mission? 

Helping homeowners like YOU find the perfect solution when you need to sell a house for any reason. Our goal is to make every transaction a win for us and YOU.

Good news! 

It doesn't matter if your home is old, small, or in less-than-stellar condition. We've got your back, no matter the situation. So, what are you waiting for? Let's work together and find the solution you've been searching for!

Connecticut Wholesale Real Estate

What We Do


Why  Sell To Connecticut Wholesale Real Estate?

Forget about expensive repairs

Tenant Issues 

Facing Foreclosure?

Mortgage Payments Weighing You Down? Not Anymore!

Real Estate Agents 

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet (Well, Almost)

Got a tenant who likes to "practice" the drums at 3 am? 

Or one that seems to think rent is optional? 

Sell your house to a company that buys houses and let them deal with those troublesome tenants! 

You can dump the problem on someone else and move on to more important things. 

Take action now!

Why not take this opportunity to sell the house and keep as much of it's value as you can? 

Let the company that buys houses deal with the property. Sell that house that brings you nothing but stress and move forward!

Remember that clogged toilet you've been avoiding for months? 

Or the electrical outlet that sparks like a mini fireworks show? 

Well, guess what? 

When you sell your house to a company that buys houses, you can forget about those pesky repairs! 

Just leave the house as is and erase it from your memory, because it's not your problem anymore.

Falling behind on mortgage payments? 

Don't let it bog you down! 

Sell your house to a company that buys houses and get a fresh start. 

You'll be skipping off into the sunset while your financial woes fade into the rearview mirror.

Tired of dealing with annoying real estate agents who only care about their commission? 

Sell your house to a company that buys houses, and you'll never have to hear another sales pitch or fake laugh at another terrible joke.

When you sell your house to a company that buys houses, you can kiss those long, drawn-out sales goodbye! 

No more waiting for a buyer to get a mortgage, appraisals, or any of that other conventional house stuff. 

We're talking lightning-fast transactions here, folks.

So What Are You Waiting For?

NO Clean Up or Fix Up Needed

Are you itching to sell but aren't quite sure if we'd be interested in your house? Fear not! We're not easily spooked. 

Trust us, we've bought houses in all sorts of conditions – some even worse than you could imagine. 

Whether it's a beat-up rental, smoke-stained walls, foreclosure, or just plain trashed, we're still all ears!

We're ready to make a fair offer on ANY property in the country – no kidding, any property!

Oh, and they DON'T have to be completely beat up for us to make you an offer. We can also buy house that just need a little TLC.

Traditional Sale vs Selling To Us

  • Risk of buyer financing fall-through 
  • Hours of prep work and home showings 
  • Manage repairs yourself 
  • Uncertain closing timeline

Traditional Home Sale

Selling To Us

  • Competitive cash offer in 48 hours or less
  • No listing, prep work or showings
  • Skip the repair work
  • Close within 45 days

Here's How It Works

And the cherry on top? We can close the deal as soon as you'd like, even within a few days if needed! Don't sweat about making repairs; we'll buy your home just the way it is.

We stand out from the crowd – we're NOT real estate agents. We don't want to list your house or help you sell it; we want to buy it straight from you. That's what we mean when we say we buy houses. We're the real deal – a legitimate house buying company that's here to help you out!

Receive Our Offer 

Get Ready To Close

Give Us The  Address

Give us the address. We will prepare our offer and send it to you within 48 hours. 

You receive our offer, review it and  decide if you want to move forward with the sale.

When you accept our offer we use a local attorney to manage the transaction. 

Get an offer for a property with  a call or click of a button

(800) 246-1891

You know, there's this indescribable feeling of emotional relief and satisfaction that you experience when you choose to sell your home to a cash buyer. 

It's like a massive weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and suddenly you're free from all the stress and headaches that come with dealing with real estate agents and the unpredictable rollercoaster of the traditional listing process. 

I mean, think about it – you've got no more worries about prospective buyers falling through, last-minute disappointments or endless negotiations. 

Isn't that just a breath of fresh air? 

As the cash buyer takes care of all the details, you can sit back with a peaceful mind, knowing that everything's gonna be just fine. 

It's a smooth transaction from start to finish, and the sweet taste of this newfound freedom? 

Well, my friend, it's nothing short of heavenly.

Facing Foreclosure

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